[iOS & Android] Pokemon Go Mod (Unlimited Pokecoins)

Pokemon Go! We're rather late to the modding scene here for this game, but for our mod, we've enabled unlimited PokeCoins for all of you to enjoy so you wouldn't have to spend a single cent to buy the coins for whatever purposes!

Working as of:

Features of our Pokemon Go Mod

  1. Unlimited PokeCoins

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What is this game about?

Basically, Pokemon Go is a augmented reality game that allows you to become your own Pokemon master by superimposing pokemon onto the real world through your phone which you can catch with your own Pokeball which will cost you some pokecoins. For more casual players, your main goal is really to catch pokemon rather than play and fight against gym battles which other players hold in areas of interests. The main stat, if you're the type to compete is CP. Which is the power of your pokemon, the higher the CP, the more powerful your Pokemon are. If your CP is higher than the Pokemon that is currently holding the spot in the gym, you can easily take it out! So you should give it a shot!

Holding a gym for a set period rewards you with consistent Pokecoins, so you should consider catching pokemon with higher CP so you can easily defeat your opponent's pokemon who is currently holding down the fort in gyms.

PokeCoins are the most important currency in this game as it makes your catching affair much more easier as you can buy incense to lure out other pokemon to your vicinity for you to capture. Things such as Lucky Egg can increase the experience you gain by a near double. Other uses of Pokecoins is that you can increase your bag storage for more bag items. You can also buy Egg Incubators which will break after 3 uses.

Some Tricks to help you out:

Pokestops! You'll want to visit as many Pokestops as possible as they provide you with items and experience which are valuable in the early game! So whenever you go out for a walk with your Pokemon Go app out, keep an eye for all the Pokestops around! Then visit it to collect some items!

Gyms! Defend and conquer! Gyms are your most important source of PokeCoins. Of course if you have our mod then it is not necessary but it will still be useful for you to defend your gym as you're rewarded with Pokecoins on a daily basis by simply defending it. You'll earn 10 Pokecoins for EACH gym per 21 hours your Gym stays defended, up to 10 gyms and a 100 Pokecoins a day.

We hope you enjoyed our mod! We'll see you in our next mod!


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