[iOS & Android] Deer Hunter 2016 Mod (Unlimited Gold and Cash)

A game about hunting made by Glu!
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Working as of:

Features of our Deer Hunter 2016 Mod

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Cash

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What is this game about?

Deer Hunter is a game developed by Glu famous mostly for some of their earlier games. This time they've brought you Deer Hunter, which is a casual FPS Shooter that allows you to shoot animals. Yep, shoot animals not just Deers. Yes, this game is really all just you shooting and hunting for animals for rewards.

For the most part of your hunting experience in deer hunter 2016, you'll be completing objecties set y the game where you have to hunt for specific animals. Once you complete the objectives you'll be able to get rewards in terms of gold and you can spend them on guns. However, with our mod that gives you unlimited gold and Glu Credits for Deer Hunter 2016 which gives you better guns for hunting, you'll never have a problem hunting in this game with your favorite gun.

Apart from earning cash, you can also gain XP that you use to level up your... well character I suppose is the word to use here. The game, like any other freemium game, features an energy meter where every mission you do uses up energy that you have to recharge either by waiting, or using Gold to refill them. Of course with our Gold Mod, you can easily refill them for free unlimited amount of times allowing you the freedom to play as much as you want.

The game itself is pretty easy in our opinion. However the problem we find is that this game is kind of grindy especially if you don't have our Deer Hunter 2016 Unlimited Cash and Gold Mod. You'll have to grind for cash if you actually want to advance through the main campaign by playing the secondary campaign regardless of your weapon quality.

Basically the secondary campaign is easy and you're forced to grind over and over again until you gain enough cash to be able to play through the main campaign which is equally easy. No wonder it's a casual game.

Overall Deer Hunter 2016 plays fine and it can be a fun game actually if you're just planning to play it casually. However, if you want to progress faster, you can easily benefit from our Deer Hunter 2016 mod that gives you Unlimited Gold and Cash that allows you to buy powerful weapons to hunt animals and ability to play unlimited amount of times through refilling your energy bar with unlimited gold.

We hope you liked our Deer Hunter 2016 Mod and we'll see you again next time in our next mod!


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