[iOS + Android] Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod [Unlimited Crystals and Credit]

Welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! It is another strategic RPG Game in the mobile market. Pretty cool and fun game to play with in your free time. Besides, it's Star Wars, what is there not to like?

Your phone does not need to be jailbroken or rooted in order to play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

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Features of our Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Mod

  1. Unlimited Crystals
  2. Unlimited Credits

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What is this game about?

Like mentioned earlier, Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a strategic RPG game that requires more strategy to play! It is a turn-based game like majority of the RPGs on the mobile market and right off the bat the visual looks very nice and interesting.

This game starts you off as a new patron of a Cantina and now you're playing 'hologames'. What hologames are, they are simply combat simulations in the form of a RPG game. There are many awesome game modes in this game such as the campaign for the light and dark side, PvP, Galactic War which is kind of end-game, Cantina battles and more!

The game features 2 campaign modes and they are Light Side and Dark Side respectively. Obviously you'll start off with the light side campaign which is a lot easier compared to the dark side. This game does require a little bit of grinding and to offset this they provide 2 modes. A hard and normal mode. For normal mode you'll play so you can progress with the plot whereas for hard mode you're playing it exclusively for the XP. Why play hard mode? Because it grants double XP and not only that, you'll also gain more character shards that you'll need in order to unlock certain characters in this game.

How you obtain new 'characters' or rather 'Data cards' in this game is similar to many other RPGs of the genre that uses a gachapon system. Basically spend the game's premium currency and that is crystals to draw a random character from the pool. However, with our unlimited crystals mod, you'll have unlimited draws which means you'll be able to obtain nearly every single character in game that allows you to freely build your very own dream squad consisting of your favorite star wars characters.

Now what are you waiting for? Download our mod now and have fun with this awesome game! Show off your dream squad to other people by dominating the Galactic Wars and PVP! Hope you have fun with this game and we'll see you in the next one!


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