[iOS & Android] Growtopia Mod [Unlimited Gems]

Growtopia! The game where you can meet friends, friends who turns out to be nice, friends who turns out to be a griefer and friends who turns out to be thieves! With our unlimited gems mod, you'll never have to worry about these things again!

Very fun open world game similar to Minecraft! Our mod does not require your phone to be jailbroken or rooted in order to play and enjoy! Not only that! This mod is also account based like majority of our mods so they can be transferred from device to device!

Working as of:

Features of our Growtopia Mod:

  1. Unlimited Gems

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What is this game about?

Growtopia is a sandbox game where you can do pretty much anything you want. Similar to Minecraft where you start off whacking trees and collecting resources to craft items. These items that you craft will become available to everyone in the Growtopia World as the game sync everyone into ONE WORLD. Which means anything you do, can potentially ruin someone's else life. For example, trapping a player, steal all their stuff and blow up their house if there is inadequate protection. It is entirely possible.

Yes, there are methods to protect your own creation through the use of this game's currency called Gems that you get rather infrequently. With our mod, you'll never fear of people stealing your stuff again and you can play this game to your hearts content, just like Minecraft but in a cohesive server with a lot more players!

Not only that! Apart from your usual crafting and showcase of creative talents, you can also play minigames with your online friends in Growtopia such as Pakour, Quizzes and EVEN PVP! Yes! Combat exists in this game, very much like Minecraft and Terraria.

This game pretty much forces you to look at a guide because there are tons of materials and items you can craft that you basically cannot remember them all. Doesn't help that some of their crafting materials doesn't make sense. But all in all, it is a game of basically having fun in a multiplayer sandbox world. However, with our Growtopia Unlimited Gems Mod, you'll be having more fun because you'll never have to fear people trying to blow up your stuff!

We hope you enjoyed our mod and we'll see you in the other! Have fun in the world of Growtopia with our unlimited Gems mod!


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