[iOS + Android] Pokémon Shuffle Mod (Unlimited Jewels, Hearts, Coins)

Welcome to the world of Pokemon! Or rather, Pokemon Shuffle! Pokemon Shuffle is a mobile match 3 game that resembles similar to Candy Crush Style of gameplay! With our Revomods Master Archive Mod tool, you'll be able to create unlimited number of Jewels, Hearts and Coins for unlimited and fun gameplay!

Your phone does not need to be jailbroken or rooted in order to play!

Working as of:

Features of our Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Mod:

  1. Unlimited Hearts
  2. Unlimited Jewels
  3. Unlimited Coins

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What is this game about?

Like any other pokemon game, the mobile version is really no different! Your objective in this game is to catch as much pokemon as possible including the legendaries and mythicals!

There are 3 stages in this game mainly the normal mode, 'Special' and 'Hard'. In the latter 2 stages, you can catch really powerful pokemon such as legendary and mythical. For each round played whether you win or lose, you will lose a heart. Hearts in this case act as an energy system for the game to limit your gameplay. However, with our unlimited heart mod, you'll always have unlimited hearts to play!

In order for you to catch pokemon, you have to lower its HP then throw a pokeball to catch it. Yeah, it's exactly the same as how the original game played out. But slightly different, in this game, it is okay to lower your the pokemon's HP to 0, then catch it using a pokeball. If you fail to catch it, there is a higher tier ball called Great Ball for a higher catch rate. These balls cost coins to buy but with our unlimited coins you'll always be using your great ball!

Similar to Match 3 RPG games such as puzzles and dragon, the more combos that you can achieve with Match 3, the more damage you can deal. The pokemon that you matched will deal the elemental damage to the opponent. For example if you match Squirtle, you'll deal Water based damage to the opponent and the standard elemental multiplier will apply here. Combos are especially important as the pokemon's move are limited by PP, similar to the main games.

If you need additional damage you can buy a 'Mega Start' or 'Attack Power up'. If you find a battle too hard - especially in special or hard stages, you can consider buying '-1 complexity' which reduces a pokemon or disruption by one or 'disruption delay' where you can delay your opponent's disruption, making it easier for you.

Overall, our Pokemon Shuffle mod should greatly increase gameplay as it allows you to play infinitely with unlimited hearts as well as coins to buy as much power-ups as you want to make the game a lot easier! We hoped you enjoyed our mod and we'll see you in our next mod! Enjoy!


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