[iOS & Android] Colopl Rune Story Mod (Unlimited Gold, Jewel & Soul)

Colopl Rune Story, the original name for this is called 'White Cat Project'. Pretty decent RPG with its own Town Building system that you can have fun with. With our Colopl Rune Story Mod, you'll be able to obtain unlimited Gold, Jewel and soul from our Revomods Master Archive.

No jailbreak or root is needed to use our mod

Features of Colopl Rune Story Mod

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Jewel
  3. Unlimited Soul

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What is this game about?

Simply, Colopl Rune Story is a story of your journey from your flying island of Astora to your final destination of 'The World's End'. You must use a mystical rune compass to find ancient magical runes that 'fell' from the sky centuries ago. Of course finding these runes are going to be pretty dangerous with monsters roaming around these areas. So you'll need to recruit and train 'hundreds' of characters, join forces with other players and build a strong town where you can harvest your resources and upgrade weaponry to create a strong army.

Decent story and pretty typical for any RPG. The gameplay for this is very simple and fun! With fluid controls, it makes the combat fun and easy to grasp. Colopl Rune Story also forgoes the 'Stamina' or 'Energy' system that so many games like to use to restrict your gameplay so as to squeeze the extra dime out of you. Without the stamina or energy system in place, you can pretty much play this game for an unlimited amount of times!

Jewels, the game premium virtual currency are also easy to come by as you'll earn them periodically for clearing objectives. There are also daily rewards and daily objectives that creates more chances for you to earn yourself good premium currency!

Now the question is where do you get all your 'characters' and good weapons from? Well obviously from the game's Gacha System where you will blow away most of your jewels at. For 25 Jewels you can summon a character and 15 jewels to forge a powerful weapon. 

With our Colopl Rune Story Mod, you'll be able to obtain Unlimited Gold, Jewel and Soul that you can use to summon tons of characters and weapons, upgrade all of your weapons, speed up town development and pretty much just have fun with this game! 

We hope you liked our mod and we'll see you in our next mod!


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