[Android + iOS] Chain Chronicle Unlimited Prysma Mod

Chain Chronicle, more than just a cash grabbing game.

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Features of our Mod:

- Unlimited Prysma

Views on this game:

This game at its core is nothing more than just a Card Battling game. However, it is nothing like other card battling game where in this case you need strategy! It's a Tactical Based Real Time RPG where you'll level up through battles.

Unlike other card collection games, this actually features more story as compared to other games like Zygna's Ayakashi Ghost guild (Correct me if I spelled wrongly) and more like Guardian Cross.

Most important of all, this game doesn't feel like some cash grab as you can still progress through the game all the way to end smoothly even if you don't pay a single cent, albeit slow but that's the nature of such games.

Their energy system utilizes 'AP' which acts like your 'Energy' in every Freemium game model. While understandable, it does feel annoying to have something like that in a game. It impedes on your progress preventing you from moving forward.

So this mod seeks to rectify this as well as providing you with an enriched gaming experience through our mods with unlimited Prysma! We hope you enjoy our mods and we'll be posting more like this from now on! Remember to bookmark us!

P.S - This game has amazing art though.

Description of this game from Google play:

Chain Chronicle is an addictive mix of tower defense and real-time strategy RPG gaming. Players control a lone soldier who must battle to protect the world of Yggdra from the hordes of the invading Black Army!
To protect Yggdra , your soldier must gather a ‘Volunteer Army’ of Knights, Wizards, Clerics, Archers and Soldiers. Throughout your adventures, you will meet new allies with different skills and tales of their own that not only add to, but can also alter the game’s epic story.
- Engage In Tactical Real-Time Strategy Battles! Use your small band of heroes to defend your base from adversaries, great and small. Simple and intuitive controls make Chain Chronicle an easy-to-learn, yet hard-to-master tower defense RPG experience.
- Recruit 150 Or More Allies With A Variety Of Abilities! Command and unleash the full potential of your Soldiers, Archers, Knights, Clerics and Wizards.
- Experience New and Wonderous Adventures With Your Allies! Those you meet and bond with will unlock new ally stories and real-time RPG battles in various exotic locations. It’s up to you to forge your own chronicle!
- Unlock Artwork By Japan’s Top Artists! All of Chain Chronicle’s unit portraits are elaborately drawn and portrayed in card form, illustrated by the best artists in the anime, manga and video game industries. Standouts include toi8 (Fullmetal Alchemist), HACCAN (Mushihimesama, Avalon Code), and Wada Aruko (Black Rock Shooter).


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