Revomod's Master Console (How to use it)

Welcome to one of our latest software that aims to provide an All-In-one solution to downloading hacks from Revomods. Now all you have to do is download this software, hook up a small lightweight file called 'RMS Plugins' with '.rms' extension that contains the offset values for the respective hacks.

All old hacks that are already available will not be updated with the archive.

Don't worry, the individual software of these hacks are still continuously updated through our servers. The only reason why we came up with this is so that it is easier for us to update only 1 software and come up with a small lightweight file for all of you to download and use from all hacks from now onward.

Basically it is a software that make our job of updating it simpler and you job of obtaining the hacks, simpler.

Links are available below.

How does this work?

The offset values contains Packet Instructions that instructs on how the client will interact with the server. This software will interact with the plugin to patch the game client which will allow the client to send modified packets that will change the server values of the game. This is how online hacks work most of the time apart from SQL Injection.

For example, I want to hack Riot Points. By changing the packets of the game, I instructed it to send '5000' worth of Riot Points over to the server when you first start the game for example. And you can modify the value you desire with the console archive.

So let's take you through on how this works.

Step 1: Downloading the .RMS file

You can only download the .RMS file through our software which is to prevent abuse of our hacks. They are of direct download so you can use it. They are extremely small of 3-5kb so it's fast to download and use.

You can download them through our Master Archive. Just click on download and navigate through the list of hacks available and click on it to download.

Step 2: Installing the plugin

You can install the plugin as shown in the image below:

Click on 'Find Plugin' and choose the plugin that you just downloaded and click on 'Apply Plugin' to use it. In this case, we used our test plugin which is brave frontier in this case. If successful, you should see this popup.

After that, it's time to hack the game!

Step 3: Hacking the game through our archive

Unless you're using a hack that applies to a mobile game, ignore the 'Connect your phone' panel because that does not apply.

You'll see a lot of values here like V: #1 and etc. In itself, it means nothing until you installed a plugin. So how to know which one does what? Click on the plugin hex value advisory and you'll see this:

Once you've seen this, all you have to do is to apply the values you want respective to the V #1.
Simple enough?

Once that is done, all you have to do is to apply patch and the software will automatically seek out the file in your phone to patch it. But you'll have to authorize it through the 'Connect your phone' panel otherwise it cannot do that and a runtime error will pop up.

Once you've done that, there will be a pop-up that shows the results and if its a success, run the game and you should see this:

Congrats! You've hacked brave frontier!

Here's the link to download the archive:

Click here for the VirusTotal Scan!

We hope to bring you more hacks in the future now using this model so stay tuned to Revomods!


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