[MMORPG Hack] Elsword Hack (Unlimited ED & K-Ching!)

Proof: 9,999,999 ED

Elsword ED Hack

Proof: 777,777 K-Ching

Elsword K-Ching Hack

Elsword, the evolution of 'Dungeon Crawling Side-scoller Action RPG battle' Grandchase.
Both made by Korean developers. We're starting to think that Koreans kickstarted this whole MMORPG craze...

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Description about the game:

Elsword is a free-to-play, 2D side-scrolling action MMORPG developed by the South Korean company KOG Studios. It has real-time action gameplay which includes both Dungeon and PVP There are several playable characters within the game, each with their own unique back stories as well as their distinct abilities that each character has.

It features 9 characters and each character is in a way a class of its own. For example, Elsword is a warrior class character that uses swords, Aisha, a character who is a magician, Rena, a ranger.

The gameplay is a dungeon crawler where you will defeat monsters present in each part of the dungeon and you'll progress till you reach the boss chamber, defeat the boss and win the game.

When you win, you'll earn ED In-Game currency that allows you to purchase armor as well as experience to level up the character that you used to complete the dungeon.

This game shares many similar traits with Grandchase and is technically, the improved version of the game developed by KOG Studios.

How does this hack work?

Simple, this works via SQL Injection that modifies the in-game values through databases.
All we need is your email account that you use to log-in into the game and the software will automatically find your account in the database to modify the values for.

We offer proxy support just in case your IP is caught and banned, at least only the Proxy IP is banned and not your true IP as well as a Backtrace eraser that erases all trace of .log files and .temp files left by the program to prevent detection.

That's all! Look forward to our next hack in the making!


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