[iOS + Android] The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth Hack (Unlimited Resources & Mithril)

The Hobbit: Kingdoms Unlimited Resource Cheat

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No jailbreak or rooted phone is required for this hack to work.

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The Hobbit: Kingdoms Android Mod

Notes on the Game:

As we all know, games by Kabam tends to the money making side of things rather making them enjoyable (Realm of the Mad God is one example). Which of course doesn't exactly reflect well on them. This game is just a rip off of Game of War - Fire Age and the only difference that we could tell is that they slapped a different name onto it called Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth.

Heck, even the themes, settings are almost exactly identical with the difference that they slapped a different name onto it. It's obvious that big companies just want to profit from such games rather than making them truly enjoyable by masses where people will actually WILLINGLY buy to support you.

Overall, the game is a wreck, without a steady supply of Mithril you will be constantly be annoyed by how much resources are wasted on rebuilding, upgrading and etcetera. 

This hack works similarly via SQL Injection into their database which will change the values of your game. All you need is to give it a close and reopen and your game should reflect the new values that you injected into the game.


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