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Dare to clash with rampaging dragons and fire-belching warthogs? Then join Battle Camp, a persistent virtual world filled with legendary monsters and ancient evils. To survive, train a fierce monster team and form a Troop with fellow Rangers. Then work together to crush raid bosses, wage Troop Wars and dominate in real-time PvP.
• Monster battling Puzzle MMO.
• Explore a LIVE Virtual World.
• Form a Troop with friends and other players.
• Crush the opposition in Troop Wars.
• Coordinate attacks in monthly Raid Events.
• Destroy rivals in Real-Time PvP Tournaments.
• Capture and raise over 400+ monsters.
• Design your own unique avatar.

Notes about the game:

What happens if you mix Match 3 genre type of games with Pokemon?
Well, you'll get Battle Camp! Match 3 type of RPGs works where you will match gems of similar elements to attack your opponent. Such games add a great twist to its predecessor Bejeweled and a lot more Match 3 games. This game was originally available for iOS, but of course, if you are making money, why not expand into the android market?

You can generate pretty much unlimited amounts with this and you'll still be pretty safe thanks to our Backtrace Eraser system. Just in case you get banned, there's always a proxy to shield your IP from being banned from the system.


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